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;M L;STEN;NG…… paired Cincinnati Police Department officers and local teens to create a collaborative mural to strengthen police-community relationships.

Officers in each of CPD’s five districts participated with 10 youth from the district’s neighborhoods in a series of 8, 3-hour artistic workshops facilitated by lead artist and project manager Brent Billingsley. 

Artwork produced in the workshops combined into a large-scale, portable mural to be displayed at a chosen venue. The image will be Law Enforcement engaging the members of a community in either a spiritual, meaningful, playful, or heartfelt and always positive manner. 

Times and areas have been designated to engage each other in an artistic, safe, and open-minded space that allows challenging questions to be presented. Community Dwellers, Leaders, and Advocates have also been invited to come add feedback and support the project. 

Food was provided during each engagement opportunity, creating more shared experiences. Journals were provided to participants and documentation of thoughts and experiences have been encouraged. At the beginning of each session, a 15-minute creative writing session with suggested topics took place with the intention of sharing these thoughts and ideas at the end of each session.

Project has been professionally documented with images, from start to finish including candid interviews and organic interactions.

LETS GO!!!!!!!!

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